Dirty Confessions Of A Food Gobbler

This article was published in Masterchef Pakistan Magazine

I, a twenty something year old food blogger, have a few confessions to make.

Nope, it’s not about the time I lied to my parents about my bad grades, or the time I denied forgetting my best friend’s birthday, which I actually did!

Nor about the time I hid the cookies so I wouldn’t have to share them with my little sister.

(Don’t take me seriously I’m only being silly, what kind of a monster would do that?)

These confessions have to do with my love for food and my blog. And with every one of you who loves food in a twisted sort of way.

Food blogging has a “behind the scenes” like every other movie, it’s not just about the flawless pictures on Instagram, there is much more to it! There are some deep, dark confessions that you won’t understand until you are a foodaholic yourself.

#1 Ending up getting a fatter belly for yourself and a flatter one for your wallet.

Even after working out every single day, I do not manage to get my belly as flat as my wallet’s. Being a food blogger, I have nothing else to splurge on like any other ‘normal’ girl would do. NO we do not get food for free; everything comes with a price, and which I pay for from my little pocket. (From one donut to a dozen within a heartbeat) I swear, I wish I could illegally download food!

#2 My constant struggle of convincing myself to not touch the food before that perfect Instagram picture.

The uncountable urges I get when the coffee mug handle isn’t at a 45 degree angle and creates’ an ugly shadow, and when the slice of pizza doesn’t face south-east or when the food doesn’t fit in the frame. (How would you define your perfect Instagram picture?) And that embarrassment on my friends’ face when I stand up to take a picture for the 50th time when everyone else in the room is still staring, but who cares?

#3 I’m used to having cold food because let’s face it when your plate looks pretty you have to wait.

That moment when you see your food leaving the kitchen and coming towards your table… OH MY GOD! (Hypothetical shimmey) and above all, when it’s presented beautifully *yes I’m break dancing in my head* But seriously how many times can you actually get your food warmed? *utter confusion*

#4 That stare you get from your friends when they don’t like the food and you’re the one who suggested the restaurant just for the sake of the blog.

I think this one is self-explanatory since everyone has faced this situation at least once in their life. *hiding behind the bush*

#5 I have to admit it feels very princessy when I get that extra special service from the management when they find out I am reviewing them.

The extra spring onions on top of your khaosay, or the complimentary dessert served as a bribe (nothing against them, I love it).

Have any of you experienced these struggles or is it just me? *rolls eyes*


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  1. meemfay says:

    Every single one of them!

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