Bye-Bye Chapped Lips

After getting an overwhelming response for my Ramadan Treats Segment, I’ve decided to come up with something new to keep you guys interested!

As much I am about food, I am all about self-pampering too! And, since Eid is just around the corner, here’s a little DIY for you.

Bubble-gum fan? I am too, skip chewing and start exfoliating for a super smooth pout for these upcoming Eid selfies. 📸

To make this bubble-gum flavored lip scrub, you will need;

  • A tablespoon of white sugar
  • Just enough coconut oil to make everything stick together
  • A tiny drop of bubble-gum extract (makes it smell mouthwatering, but can be skipped)
  • A dash of pink food coloring to make it look as yummy as it smells.

And that’s about it, hope this helps all the girls (and the guys if they want to try)! 💋

“I regret taking so much care of my chapped lips” said no one ever.


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