Delfrio Dessert Decision

I’ve never been a chocolate person, or a dessert person to be precise, which is why my Instagram never has too many desserts. However, when I do order, one dessert just isn’t enough! 🤤

🍫 Every cafe has it’s own version of the very renowned Chocolate Molten Lava Cake. It’s a misconception that we think high-end cafeś, are the only ones to provide the most creative version of it. Delfrio’s Lava Cake is one of its most popular desserts, and I definitely agree! This Lava Cake is delicious, perfect gooeyness, balanced chocolate and sponge, as it should be, served with Belgian Chocolate gelato. After taking a bite you’ll surely want to keep on coming back for more.

🍪 If there was no such thing as ‘guilt’, I would eat Delfrio’s Freshly Baked Cookie with ice cream every single day. Even though Delfrio is famous for its Lava Cake, you’ll be surprised how mouth-watering its cookie was! Perfectly baked, hot, soft cake-y cookie, with a serving of chilled Ferrero Rocher ice cream and a drizzle of chocolate. *craving already 😭*

🍰 It’s not just any cake, it’s a piece of heaven served with ice cream, as its name suggests (coincidence? I think not). Not one of its best desserts but undoubtedly worth mentioning. Yummy, moist and fudgy slice of Chocolate Heaven Cake with a side of French Vanilla ice cream.

🥞 Wasn’t really a fan of the Ferrero Rocher Waffles, they weren’t as great as I was expecting them to be, or maybe I’ve had better! They were too soft from the inside, sadly I like my waffles crispy. The portion itself was too big, served with very little ice cream.

🧀 I’ve never had cheesecake in my life, I repeat ‘NEVER’. Delfrio was my first, tried the ‘very’ famous NY cheesecake. It was a bummer to see the serving of cheesecake looking so bland and empty (don’t you agree?) With my first bite, I wasn’t really wanting to eat more, however, when I kept eating it for a little longer I started to like it and now I can proudly say I liked it!

There you have it, a whole list of desserts at Delfrio, to make your late light cravings easier. I don’t know about you but I will definitely be devouring more desserts, very soon.


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