Few Cups & A Tastebud

Somewhere in between the on-going battle amongst the many flavors of green tea, lies a tired me, who, after a stressful day, dips the tea bag into a cup of hot water to start afresh for the day ahead.

How I came across this idea?
Flashback to when I was at the local grocery store looking for my usuals when the Tapal Green Tea Selection Box caught my eye, and it instantly hit me that I should do a Green Tea Taste Test to find out which one stands out.

How will I be rating these?

🌸 Jasmine: 

The aroma was very overpowering, but the flavoring was subtle. Against all the other striking flavors, this stands below for me. Don’t get me wrong, but this Jasmine tea wasn’t one of my favorites.

🍋 Lemon:

I’d rather prefer lemons in my juices, than in my teas. Enough said? Artificial lemon flavoring isn’t something I’m a fan of. Although the smell was very refreshing!


Surprisingly the smell of this green tea was exactly like Elaichi chai but think of it in this way, less calories? So rejuvenating, I loved it!

🌱 Moroccan Mint:

This green tea stood out the most for me, I was surprised to have a minty aftertaste in my mouth, it was pretty energizing and it’s something I’d sip on more often!

🍑 Tropical Peach:

Have you ever tried Haribo’s Peach gummies? This peach tea smelled exactly like those, so good you’d never get over it, however I don’t like peaches which is why this didn’t impress me as much.

🍎 Apple Cinnamon:

As soon as you dip the tea bag into hot water, a bouquet of apple and cinnamon fragrances, spread into the room, so captivating it’s hard to describe. One of my top preferences!

Totally recommend this range, to all those (including me) who look for a variety in something as small as a cup of green tea! ☕️


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