Thursdays with Tang

This Eid, the weather was hotter than our selfies, we gotta admit! The scorching heat made it unbearable to stay in our stunning outfits, getting into pjs with messy bun’s was a wiser option. Since it’s summer time here in Karachi, what’s better than a glass of chilled juice to keep ourselves hydrated?

Tang gets me nostalgic as much as my mom, coming home, drenched in sweat after a good day of playing out with friends, I would always look for the Orange Tang to rejuvenate myself! To my surprise, there’s not only Orange but quite a few flavors that Tang has to offer now.

And so, my mom and I decided to put our taste-buds to test by drinking 6 different glasses of juice to judge whether Tang Orange still tastes like childhood or the new kids (read:New Flavors of Tang) have taken away the thunder 🤔


Starting from the basic, the very old school OJ, Tang orange has remained consistent through out the years. The tangy flavor still has the spark, which makes me want to have more of it.
MommaBlogger: 4.5/5
GottaBlogger: 4.5/5

🍋Lemon & Pepper: 

With Sunsip limopani still being people’s go-to lemonade, Tang just misses the bulls eye, but still gives a refreshing feel after a long day.
MommaBlogger: 3.5/5
GottaBlogger: 4/5


All I can say is that my mom loves it, and I love pineapples too.
MommaBlogger: 4/5
GottaBlogger: 4.5/5

🍸Tropical Cocktail:

Too many different flavors in one glass? Just not my thing! It’s something I might drink occasionally, but, nothing that I’m a fan of.
MommaBlogger: 4/5
GottaBlogger: 3/5


Why have Tang Mango, when you can have fresh mango juice during summers? As much as I love this fruit, I’m allergic to it, so no comments from me. But, around the year when you’re craving Mango, this can be your drink!
MommaBlogger: 3/5


Bitter and sweet flavors swimming in my mouth, just delicious! Reminds me of Minute-Maid Pulpy Orange.
MommaBlogger: 3/5
GottaBlogger: 4.75/5



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