Being grateful to

I’m sure I’m not the only one who looks for home-cooked meals, that are not the VERY basic ones, has a variety of options, read more to take a look at my glorious week.

Szech-wan my Heart

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you probably would know my love for Chinese Food, especially ‘Szechwan Chicken’. Read more for full recipe.

3-Step Fully Baked Cake

*This is for all those makeup lovers who will question my choice of makeup; DISCLAIMER, I am no makeup pro and all these products are only drugstore. **Links to all these products are mentioned down below for price details. Step 1: The Batter – The Base With the extreme heat in K-town, I don’t prefer…

Game Night Churros

All you need on a Game Night are Chocolate and Churros, read more for recipe.

Honorary Cookies

To celebrate 2.5k followers on Instagram, I decided to make these delicious ‘Sugar Cookies’. Read more for full recipe.