Szech-wan my Heart

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you probably would know my love for Chinese Food, especially ‘Szechwan Chicken’. Read more for full recipe.

3-Step Fully Baked Cake

*This is for all those makeup lovers who will question my choice of makeup; DISCLAIMER, I am no makeup pro and all these products are only drugstore. **Links to all these products are mentioned down below for price details. Step 1: The Batter – The Base With the extreme heat in K-town, I don’t prefer…

Game Night Churros

All you need on a Game Night are Chocolate and Churros, read more for recipe.

Honorary Cookies

To celebrate 2.5k followers on Instagram, I decided to make these delicious ‘Sugar Cookies’. Read more for full recipe.

Thursdays with Tang

This Eid, the weather was hotter than our selfies, we gotta admit! Read more…

Few Cups & A Tastebud

Somewhere in between the on-going battle amongst the many flavors of green tea, lies a tired me, who, after a stressful day, dips the tea bag into a cup of hot water to start afresh for the day ahead.

Delfrio Dessert Decision

I’ve never been a chocolate person, or a dessert person to be precise, which is why my Instagram never has too many desserts. However, when I do order, one dessert just isn’t enough!